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As a University studied english student, I've found editing for my peers has become a normal part of my time. For a semester, I worked through the university helping students with their various assignments. In multiple different writing classes editing my peers' work was a weekly activity.  Helping out friends' when they asked became a daily activity and I came to a realization. 

I was good at editing for others. 

Thus birthed Lawson Editing.

I've published and/or written anything from songs and poems to short stories and novels. Editing is no different. 

You've written it? I'll read it, edit it, and provide feedback. 

Let me help you polish your artwork to perfection. 

If you've used me before and recommend me to another author, you'll get a free 1,000 words.


$.006 per word, or $60 per 10,000 words

​What you get? Help with grammar, catching small mistakes, formatting etc.

Copy Editing:

$.01 per word, or $100 per 10,000 words

​What you get? Proofreading plus editing that includes: sentence structure, overall editing, and consistency. 

Line Editing: 

$.015 per word, or $150 per 10,000 words. 

What you get? Proofreading and line editing plus suggestions on fixing content confusion, stylistic errors, and plot and character flaws. 

The Full package:

$.02 per word, or $200 per 10,000 words. 

What do you get? All of the above plus an in-depth analysis of your story, a character chart for your three main characters, and suggestions on how to strengthen your story. Plus answers to any questions or concerns you may have about your project. 


I found Madison on Goodreads, and I was impressed with her writing because it was very different than my own. I'm happy to say that she is an honest, albeit tough critique which challenged me to become a better writer. I used her "The Full Package" editing service and I highly recommend it, no matter what state your manuscript is in. She was great at picking up inconsistencies with formatting and countless incomplete thoughts I had abandoned mid-paragraph. Thanks to her help, I've improved the flow and readability dramatically. Madison's services are an incredible value and will seek her help on my next project.

- Thanks again, Michael Muss

Fantastic, thorough editing. Good price and great turn-a-round time. Will use again. 

- Allison Stephenson  

I purchased Madison's 'Full Package' for my book and I have to say it was the most helpful editing I could have asked for! I especially was thankful for the character charts because it showed me how my characters may come across and helped me make adjustments. 

Madison is incredibly affordable for what you receive and I'm so glad I chose her for my editor. She's touch but kind. I highly recommend her to any other writer, no matter your skill level. 

- Olivia 


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